An Introduction to B2B Lead Generation using Instagram

Lead Generation is the process of generating, analyzing, and converting audience into sales. B2B lead generation through Instagram on the other hand gives digital marketers a way to increase brand ROI. It is a long-term process that requires consistency and gives long-term benefits to your business. Instagram nowadays is the most used social media channel by every age group people around the globe and what’s best when it provides efficient sales to your business. Yes, that means it can be used as generating leads for your business. Just like SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, lead generation is amongst the hottest digital marketing technique that provides your business great revenue.

Why B2B lead Generation using Instagram

As discussed above Instagram is the talk of the town. Why not, if you are a B2B marketer you would not think of wasting any opportunity you get in increasing your sales. Research says that over one billion Instagram users make it an outstanding platform for drawing new potential leads. It provides more advertising opportunities every day due to this much usage. Don’t miss that these users at least follow one brand on Instagram that tells us that people want to know more about their favorite brands and wouldn’t mind purchasing Instagram. It acts as a decision-maker to most people as it gives deep insight into the products they are eyeing on. B2B lead generation through Instagram benefits businesses as B2B marketers use this platform in completing their various business goals. Conclusively, investing in Instagram can be worth it as it generates leads. Below are some ways narrowed down by Key marketing on how you can make the most of Instagram in generating leads.

How to build B2B Lead generation using Instagram

Follow the below tactics that show how Instagram can ace the B2B lead generation strategy.

-       Instagram advertisements: Advertising your brand generates efficient leads. From being the simplest tactic, to begin with, creating Instagram ads increase clicks. You can set up a business account on Instagram that creates these ads and not the personal one.

-       Appropriate Instagram bio: The bio of Instagram profiles gives the first impression as well as a little insight into your business. It provides brand authenticity to your potential clients. By simply following the link your audience can get in touch with you. Write specific relevant business brief as the bio contains a 150-word limit so focus on providing all the details your clients should know. Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram bio and consider adding various things like brand name, professional business images, specify category, appropriate depiction, making the most of hashtags, and a call-to-action button is a must.

-       Call-To-Action: A CTA will ease it for your clients to take a call regarding your business. You need to connect your business Instagram profile to the website you want your clients to open. To create a CTA key, go to the Edit profile section – Contact options – Add an Action Button, by choosing the desired app complete this step. Following which attach the link your customers will be redirected to after they click your CTA button and end it by clicking ‘submit’. Now it will be activated.

-       Attaching links to the Instagram story: This provides your audience to directly visit your business website and act as the best lead generation metric. All the big brands use it because they all are aware of how important it can be in generating leads. But you can only use it if have more than 10k subscribers and an account that is verified. If you have that you can do it by starting an Instagram story, clicking the chain icon, adding a call to action and inserting the link there, and finally posting it.

-       Using effective hashtags: how to ace the hashtag game? Create an authentic business hashtag, ask your potential customers to use that particular hashtag along with your products photos and offer various discounts to them. Grab every attention. By this, they will be adding your hashtags which will be leading right to your profile.

-       Stories consistency: Showing engaging and BTS videos of your products will help your customers understand more about your services. Your customer will appreciate your honesty and authenticity if you show them your entire day of work and manufacturing of the products. You can use various options like quizzes, creating polls, and asking questions to your audience it will give you a chance to show them that their opinion matters.

-       Utilizing Influencers: This will bring a lot of potentially interested consumers. All you need to research for the most influential bloggers and search that their followers who are interested in your products. Through this, you can also provide them with good discounts and gain trust.

Concluding to which, you now got a clear idea that there are so many ways to generate B2B lead generation using Instagram. If you are a marketer don’t miss this chance to build more leads. Get in touch with Key Marketing for more information on how to build B2B lead generation using Instagram.