Understanding BING

Google has gained a lot of respect over the years and is the most used search engine by people all over the globe. Although Google has gained the number one rank on search engine result pages some factors suggest that Bing is more beneficial than Google. So, what is Bing? Commonly referred to as Microsoft Bing (source: Wikipedia). Google and Bing are each other’s competitors. But there are a lot of areas where Bing overpasses Google. Switching from Google to Bing can simply do wonders for you even if you use Bing AdWords for business promotion or even for normal searching purposes. Dive below for the major differences Google has from Bing and why using Bing is better than using Google.

How Microsoft Bing is better than Google?

As we are aware the traffic that Google gets is way higher than what Bing receives. But no doubts that both of them have keyword research tools and negative keyword targeting broad match. Despite that, the Click-through rates for Bing are higher in terms of services like shopping and financial searches. The most convenient thing that Bing has is that its advertisements are way cheaper than Google ads. This is because the Bing ads pay per click is usually cheaper than Google ads and thus people tend to consider Bing over Google. 

One of the drawbacks of Google is that it doesn’t provide advertisement campaigns in different time zones that Bing allows. Different advantages of Bing over Google are that Bing is a more effective social extension than Google. Bing started its social extensions back in 2014, and they show the number of Twitter followers along with their ads which Google doesn’t. Google ads are more expensive than Binge ads. 

And due to less competition Bing ads offers much better placement than Google ads because of the less competition. The best feature of Bing is that Google lacks is allows its audience to make mistakes during the searches. Normally, people make mistakes while searching down something on the internet, Bing still allows the close variant options that match the searches which Google has dropped.

Five benefits of Bing over Google

Below are the five major advantages that using Bing has and Google lacks. Let’s dive into them one by one:

-       Quality Image Search: No doubt that Bing provides better image search quality than Google. When it comes to picture quality Bing provides much brighter and way sharper especially the human portraits like faces and body parts.

-       Video Search: No wonder that YouTube is owned by Google and so people expect the search to be smooth. Well, researches have shown that Bing has a much smoother result space for video. It provides up to nine videos thumbnails on the screen and also enlarges more detailed information of the videos. Google lacks this feature.

-       Social Integration: Social media is the hottest platform for anyone and has become the most used for searching. Microsoft Bing has some cool deals with Twitter and Facebook to feature their latest trending topics on the Bing news page that will help the users tell what’s they should be focusing on.

-       Local Search: No doubt that Google has built on its local search features, but Bing is considered to be much stronger in this area. Bing is super easy to claim local businesses and easily can edit it and offers a lot of features that help in personalising the listing and make it stand out from others. 

-       Pricing: As mentioned above, marketers usually opt for cheaper things and Bing ads are much cheaper than Google ads. Bing helps you run cheaper campaigns and lot better good than Google.


Now you may be surprised at how much Bing has taken over Google and has evolved very much. But note that Bing and Google are a very tiny part of search engines online. To sum up, both of them have their value. Yes, it is true that Bing is better than Google but a digital marketer should focus on what can be beneficial for their business. Focus on choosing the best for you as your business website will be optimized if you want to rank high in SERP on the searches done on both Google and Bing.