Do you know that only content is not enough to rank on any search engine? Your content must not only be informative but also it must be unique, fresh, and gripping. Well, one can read and check whether or not the content is good. But, by reading you can't check if the content is unique. As it is practically not possible, so many webmasters end up posting the copied content on their site and then regret it when they get punished by Google. Here comes the duplicate content checker to rescue you. 

How do I know if my content is unique? Good question! A certified plagiarism checker tool can be the best answer to this complex-looking question. Note that duplicate content checker tools are known as plagiarism detection tools. The good news is that there are many such tools that can identify copied content. But, all of them are not accurate.

After using a broad range of duplicate content checkers in our Delhi-based SEO company, on the basis of five years-long experience, we can help you understand which duplicate content checker is best. So, as we always do, let's get started with the basics. 

How do I check for duplicate content?

Drop the idea of searching and analyzing all the content available in the top position. In this way, you will not be able to find out how much your content is copied as there might be a fair amount of possibilities that your content might have been copied from the second, third, or any other random page. You can't check and read all the content in reference to your topic. So, the idea here is to use the accurate plagiarism tool. We have listed out some of the best tools to ensure you don’t have to compromise with the uniqueness of your content. 

Duplicate Content Checker Tools - Best 5

All the duplicate content checker tools mentioned below could be used to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as duplication which is dangerous from the point of SEO. Here we go:

SEO Review Tools: Fully Featured Free Duplicate Content Checker

SEO Review tool is a one-stop-destination for all kinds of content-related requirements. You can use it to maintain the quality score of your content from the point of SEO too. Plus, it is a 100% free and accurate plagiarism detection tool. Using this versatile tool will certainly be a win-win factor for you.

Copyscape: Free and Paid Duplicate Content Checker Tool

If you are a professional blogger or looking forward to making a prominent career in blogging then Copyscape must be your first choice. Its long-range of features makes this tool a perfect duplicate content checker tool. Copyscape offers both basics and premium services. You can check plagiarism for free with some limitations. But, if your requirements are broader then you must consider the Copyscape premium. As with the premium plan you can check contents in various formats such as PDF, word files, and do a batch search, private index, case tracking, and so many other things.

SmallSeoTool: Fully Featured & Free Duplicate Content Checker Tool

SmallSEOTools is home to so many tools which are amazingly helpful for online marketers, website developers, and SEO specialists. With the help of this smart tool, you can optimize both websites as well as the content. The best part of a small SEO tool is the fact that it is a free but effective tool. If you don't want to spend long hours in search and analysis (of course, you don't) then go for the small SEO tools without any second thought. 

Quetext: Free & Paid Plagiarism Checker Tool

In the list of our best duplicate content checkers next is Quetext. Actually, Quetext's far-reaching capabilities make it more than just a content checker. You can do more with Quetext. More specifically, you can scan websites, academic papers, and even books to find the availability of copied content on your site. One unique feature that you will not find anywhere is the fact that it shows the original sources or publisher of the content to help you give credit. Like Copyscape, it has both types of versions paid and free. As you know, the paid version always offers more features than the free, so make your choice.

Grammarly Duplicate Content Checker

Grammarly is largely known for its assistance to check English grammatical mistakes, tone, and style of the language. You can go for it if your first concern is to get rid of the common English grammatical mistake and make the language more powerful as well as duplicate content detection. But, from the point of SEO writing, this tool will not assist you in any way. That's why I have put this tool in the fifth position.

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