Digitalization has brought brands and consumers closer than they have ever been. Thanks to all the budding eCommerce platforms, building your online store is now easier than ever. Everything you need to get your e-commerce website up and running is readily available on these platforms. With the tools and features provided by the best eCommerce platform in India, you will not have to touch even a single line of code to build the online store of your dreams.

Starting an online business is an exciting experience. You get to decide your business’ name design your logo and build your e-commerce website in India. While it may be thrilling to  begin your eCommerce expedition, it is important to attain the knowledge of the best commerce platform in India to build your online store.

Website is the essence of any eCommerce business. Setting up an attractive and user-friendly website will only help develop a trusting relationship between your consumers and your business. After reading all this, the question may arise in your mind – “How do I create an online store?”.

Top 5 Best eCommerce Platforms in India to build your online store

Whether a small scale or a big scale business, you need your eCommerce store to stand out among your competitors. Different business models come with different needs. Fortunately for you, we decided to put forward the list of e-commerce platforms in India:

  • Shopify - No. 1 E-Commerce Platform

Shopify is hands-down one of the best eCommerce platforms in India to create your online store. This robust platform is a host to nearly 1.6 million websites. Shopify provides the most number of tools along with features for multi-channel selling, enabling you to sell your products through your e-commerce website at your social media and third-party  marketspaces and everywhere in between.

Shopify has the perfect network of powerful tools and third-party apps letting you set up your online business without proper technical knowledge.

Cost: Basic - $29/month, Shopify - $79/month, Advanced - $299/month

Free trial length: 14 days

24/7 Customer support: call-back customer support, email customer support, community forum, support content.

Integrated sales channels: Instagram, Facebook, Google, Amazon, eBay and Marketplace

Multiple payment gateways and 10+ logistics incorporations for India

Point of Sales: Yes


  • Wix

Wix is one of the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses in India hosting over 2000 eCommerce websites live in India and 7% of total e-commerce stores in India. Wix is a particularly user-friendly website builder that offers personalized templates, domain registration along web hosting. With Wix, you can build a rudimental website free of cost, but you will have to upgrade to the premium plan to use the eCommerce features. And may not be suitable for users building a large-scale online business.

Cost: basic - ₹225/month, Business Unlimited-₹300/month, Business VIP - ₹500/month

Free trial length: No free trial period

24/7 Customer support: 24/7 callback customer support

Integrated sales channels: Instagram and Facebook

Point of sales: Yes


  • BigCommerce:

BigCommerce is another best online store builder. Just like Wix and Shopify, BigCommerce provides web hosting and countless personalized interfaces. Some vital features of BigCommerce are international sales, multi-channel selling and SEO tools, however, these tools are powerful and complex to use.

Cost: ranging from $29.95/month to $299/month

Free trial length: 15 days

24/7 customer support: technical support through call, email, chat

Integrated sales channels: Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Instagram, Google, Facebook

Point of Sales: Yes


  • Magneto

Almost 8% of the world’s top 1 million eCommerce websites are built using Magneto. Although building an eCommerce website using Magneto comes with much more complexity and cost as compared to other e-commerce building platforms like Wix and Shopify.

This may be the best eCommerce platform in India for brands that require an entirely made-to-measure platform. Advanced experience in coding and development is essential to building and administering the entire framework. This is the reason Magneto offers the largest number of plug-ins and extensions which lets you add new and more functionality.

Cost: price as per customization

Free trial length:  no free trial

24/7 customer service: phone call support along with an online help centre and technical support  

Integrated sales channel: Amazon

Point of Sale: third party extensions


  • Opencart

Opencart is an open-source Content Management System and is one of the best eCommerce platforms with one of the easiest user-friendly backend interfaces that offer multiple plug-ins and extensions. Because of its uncomplicated and straightforward backend, it is very popular among small-scale brands looking for easy customizations at a modest cost.

Cost: free

Free trial period: 0

24/7 customer service: call support and chat support are provided. Technical assistance is also provided.

Integrated sales channel: third-party extensions required

Point of Sale: extension required


Open-Source Content Management System (CMS)

A CNS is an eCommerce platform where websites are self-hosted server spaces such as Bluehost that you will need to purchase. Your choice of CMS depends on the degree of your needs and your technical contribution.

In conclusion

Each eCommerce platform and Content Management System has multiple upsides and downsides and choosing the best eCommerce platform in India to build your online store is the foremost step towards the beginning of your new business venture. Your e-commerce platform should meet all the requirements of your business model and operation design.

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