In the middle of this vast ocean of digital marketing, SEO agencies attack each other like sharks. The odds of surviving as an SEO company in 2022 are not looking good. Yet, amidst this high competition, Key Marketing has successfully and beautifully, beaten these odds and has become the fastest growing SEO company in Ahmedabad. While most companies use the same SEO practices, you may be wondering what is it that makes Key Marketing the king of Digital Marketing?

The answer lies above our strategies and SEO techniques. When most digital agencies were focusing on simply ranking a website higher, building backlinks and searching keywords, Key Marketing decided to take a step beyond.

The majority of digital marketing agencies follow trends with a firm mindset and a fear of losing ranks. Key Marketing believes in making our own trends. We do not fear a search engine changing its algorithm. Instead, we like shaking hands with Google and putting in our best efforts to take on the next challenge.

How did Key Marketing become a successful SEO company in Ahmedabad?

We do not cast spells on search engines to make websites appear at the top of search results. We simply work hard and we work smarter.

Key Marketing makes its own trends

As the saying goes “Copycats may get close but they never get ahead”, We do not emphasize doing what other marketing agencies are doing. Never have we taken a glance at what our competitors are doing different, nor do we need to. You can write all about trending topics but it is highly unlikely to help you with the SEO of your business.

However, not following trends doesn’t mean we rely on Black Hat SEO practices for our outstanding results. At Key Marketing we plan, optimize, and execute all our SEO strategies according to the search engine guidelines.

Key Marketing hires only SEO experts in Ahmedabad 

A resourceful team is the core of any company. Sooner or later, the kind of employees you hire for your company matters for the growth of your business. To promote maximum optimization, we hire only the most talented, imaginative and fresh minds from across the country.

The average age of our SEO and content executive team is 24. So, any hardworking, clever and ambitious young adult wanting to start their career in digital marketing can join our team.

Our employees are just old enough to avoid lawsuits and young enough to possess most social media and digital knowledge. After all, we are a new-age digital marketing company in Ahemdabad. 

We indorse imagination

We emphasize imagination and not only creativity. Because in the end, creativity is imagination getting excited. Meanwhile, other companies encourage creativity, yet undermine imagination.

At Key Marketing, we do not limit our team to rigid, old fashioned SEO practices, but gather all their innovative, out-of-the-box ideas.

Because of this, Key Marketing excels in website development and creating divergent content. The content writers at Key Marketing love juggling and playing with keywords to produce the most SEO-flamboyant content.

Our website developing and web designing team loves to take on challenges while building a website. Our client’s wish is their command which they never fail to fulfil. From personalized chat to payment gateways, our website developers can do it all!

The word “Dull” is frankly out of the team’s vocabulary.

Key Marketing offers SMO services in Ahmedabad  

When the rest of the world was saying Instagram VS Facebook. Key Marketing was saying Instagram and Facebook.       

We specialize in driving organic traffic from social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter directly to our client’s websites. Maximum of our client’s sales on their websites were generated by our supreme Search Engine Optimization.

We do this by building your brand on social media, as well as the search engine. So, in a nutshell, it’s not just the website we work on. Key Marketing takes care of all aspects concerning the growth of your business.

SEO Services offered by Key Marketing in Ahmedabad

If you want to get high-end SEO services in Ahmedabad then you have landed at the right place. We offer every amenity your business or website possibly needs to be the best in the industry.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Off-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing Services 

Ending Note 

Whatever haul you may require for your business, Key Marketing provides it with all. With ahead of the time strategic approach and a results-oriented team, we offer great marketing packages for every business type. We offer all kinds of digital marketing packages including SEO packages, SMO packages, PPC packages, and ORM packages. Our ability to tackle all search engine algorithm changes is what makes us the best SEO company in Ahmedabad. 

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