“If the content is king, email is to lift up the marketer’s sleeve”.

Existing in the market for two decades, it is still the most beneficial marketing channel if done accurately. Email marketing works for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Email marketing has been labeled as the most lucrative content station. It’s been a great advantage used by most of the organizations in their Business to customers and has been declared the most successful medium for marketing by many content marketers.

Email marketing has been declared as the center of digital marketing. It is applicable for brand awareness, distribution and promotion of content, inviting leads deeper into the sales funnel, direct marketing, constructing customer loyalty, and much more.

Email marketing on top of that is exceedingly popular, mobile and most importantly generates ROI.

Is Email marketing dead?

Answer to which is a big ‘NO’.

One of the best reasons why Email marketing is still important is because all your competitors are using it right now.

More than half of the world’s population uses emails as their source of communication, which will be increased eventually in the coming years. That gives a clear answer that – more email users mean more chances to spread your business.

How can one not consider Email marketing as an excellent way to increase your brand awareness by reaching out to potential customers?

To simplify which Email marketing has maintained its claim to fame by still producing the highest ROI amongst marketing channels.

Email Marketing Benefits for your Business

There are various advantages of Email Marketing that can benefit your online sales accordingly. Email Marketing helps brands reach a bulk range of potential clients rapidly and effortlessly.

It approaches big win with building brand awareness, generating relevant leads, cultivating top sales process, translating sales and revenue along with significant conversions

There can be many reasons as to why email marketing benefits and is still popular for most business communication.

Nonetheless, our major concern is why the messaging medium has gathered such huge effectiveness as a marketing tool. Here’s what we have garnered so far:

Almost - Everyone uses it

More than half of the world’s people use email for different purposes, chances are that you have an email account too if you are reading this particular piece.

Email is universal across online platforms which makes it so important and is used by many services providers as a baseline for client identification and communication.

Cost-effectiveness – Major advantage of using Email Marketing

Email and its cost-effectiveness go hand in hand. Firstly, it is available at cheap rates that everyone can actually afford.

Moreover, email campaigns are highly profitable making email marketing one of the most effective marketing channels.


Every third person on the planet earth checks their phone several times a day. It could be a lot more in the coming year given our ever-increasing dependency on these mobile devices.

And this also makes sense whenever we think about smartphones letting you check your emails whenever you want to that too in a few swipes.

Regardless of the situation you are in, it takes a swipe to check if you have received any new email.

This means a lot to the marketers. They demand their customer’s full attention to join them on email in order to grab business.

Customer Loyalty

The ability to build customer loyalty is one of the overlooked benefits of email.

On a generic level, emails are a way for brands to send transactional receipts to customers, whenever they do a purchase or so, which also tends to be customer support.

Further action can be taken by an existing customer if they continue receiving relevant emails from the brand which enhances the role of email marketing.

Easily measurable

The ability to track what happens after you send out your campaign is mostly offered by many email marketing tools. From tracking delivery rates to bounce rates to most importantly click-through rates.

Giving a better understanding of how your email campaign is performing simultaneously making changes which ones to adjust and which ones to get rid of. It all depends on how well you know your customer, if they want regular emails better you provide them.

Starting your own Email Marketing Campaign

Results-oriented Email marketing needs a comprehensive strategy in order to target the potential audience. Key marketing has established a not-to-be-missed step-by-step strategy to support any profitable goals.

Defining the audience

Starting from the message to tone to the call to action till the email sending frequency, your target audience notifies every trait of email marketing.

Outlining why we are trying to reach will simply help to design the desired strategy for email marketing.

-        Is your audience aware of your brand?

-        Are you marketing them as your steady consumers?

-        Are they signing up for the newsletter?

-        Have they made a purchase before or seems reliable to do so?

 Key marketing will get a better idea of who we are trying to reach and how to engage them effectively with these questions answered.

Building up an Email List

After getting the broad idea of whom you want to target you can jump right in and dig deeper generating an email list that includes all the qualified leads, potential clients, and former customers.

Key marketing can help shape out a subscriber list by evolving conversion-oriented content that contains

-        Sign up forms

-        Email newsletter enrollments

-        Registration opportunities for events.

-        Call to action

Marketing automation on the other hand makes it possible to launch multiple email campaigns simultaneously each targeting specific segments of your email list.

Data-driven email marketing

Writing good emails is one thing whereas writing end-to-end data-driven emails is entirely a different thing.

Key marketing consultants are well versed with the latest email strategies that can transform any marketing campaign into a victory.

What you can expect from Key marketing.

Since now you get the idea of why email marketing is still an essential aspect of digital marketing for online businesses you have to start considering how to grow your list of emails,

What type of content will you be presenting to your customers?

How can you gain more conversions over time?

Well, if you don’t know how to become an email marketing expert but still want to ace the game with email marketing benefits you might like to partner with the best digital marketing agency.

Key marketing on the other hand is one of the most leading digital marketing agencies that offer the best email marketing services and puts all the efforts to make you grow your email list.

To make a long story short, email marketing is not dead. Not yet!

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