If you think increasing app downloads in the Play Store is complicated or something you can't do, my goal with this quick helping post is to change that opinion. Whenever we advise our clients that they can take their business to the next level through an app, we usually get this question, "How to increase app downloads in Play Store".

The key to boosting the app downloads in Google Play Store lies in more than just setting your app apart from the mediocre apps. You have to fight to get noticed. You have to earn their trust because the Play Store is already stuffed with millions of mobile applications. What makes the competition worse is the fact that for each and every service, there are multiple apps. Thereby the task of improving the downloads of any app becomes quite a difficult task.

The fear and anxiety that come from witnessing the meager downloads of your app could be reduced by following the below-mentioned strategies to increase mobile app downloads. If you follow these steps in the order I have laid them out for you, you certainly will be able to increase the downloads of your app.

How to increase app downloads in Play Store?

The easiest way to understand how to increase the download of the Android app is to first know which app has more downloads in Play Store. According to the Google Play Store, TikTok with more than 1 billion downloads is by far the top downloaded app in the first half of 2021. Now the million-dollar question is - what made TikTok one of the most downloaded apps at the global level.

Well, the huge success of TikTok could be credited to the rising trends of young people of singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing. But, it does not mean that if your app is not like a TikTok you can't increase the number of downloads. There are a number of steps that TikTok followed and turned out to be the most downloaded app of 2020 and 2021. Those steps you also can follow and boost the downloads.

These are 5 powerful strategies to increase mobile app downloads

Create and have a well-designed app icon

Studies and research show that what seems good to the eye remains tops in the mind of people as well. And what remains top in the mind that sells like a hot cake. The same rule is applicable in the strategy of increasing the downloads of any mobile application in the Google Play Store. The icon of your mobile application must be unique, appealing, and pleasing. As the app's icon is the first thing that catches the eyes of the downloader so it must be recognizable and fit in the function of your app.  

App store optimization

App store optimization is another way to increase the downloads of your app. In short, it is called ASO. You can think of an ASO as an art and science to increase the app visibility within the Google Play Store and increase app conversion rates. In the process of ASO, a number of things are done such as keyword research, optimization of title and description. Steps to increase the positive reviews and trust factors are taken.

Introduction of Website or Blog

Though the demand for mobile applications is on the rise like never before, still the effectiveness of the website and blogs have not decreased. A large number of people prefer to navigate through the website of the service provider. Apart from increasing the user engagement, a website or blog of your business can increase the trust factor of your business as well. The more your website appears in the result of Google Search Engine, the more your app will be downloaded.

Use of Demo Video

Demo videos come to a great help whenever it comes to helping users to understand your business. Whether you sell products and offer services, you must always upload demo videos for your users. Make sure you create a compelling and easily understandable video. Plus, you must highlight the major points of your business including the aim, benefits, and features.

Promote on Social Media

You can do more with social media platforms. Apart from being connected to your contacts, you can promote your business on various social media. Not only can you increase sales of your products or service but also you can increase the downloads of your mobile application. Your prestigious digital community could be translated to the boost in the download of your mobile application in the Google Play Store.

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