'People also ask’ is a great service on google SERP that offers the users some add-on information they might look for while looking for something related. For example, while searching something like ‘how to login into Facebook’. At this point along with the results, this particular snippet will show some queries that will follow the original search the user did. All of these extra-related queries are linked to website pages along with their URLs that will take you to the content.  The ‘people also ask’ initially contains four queries in the snippet and two-three queries are added with each click on the results in the box. Therefore the ‘PAA’ never stops expanding with new query suggestions that are added to the box. Let's look into why you should consider these questions as an important part of your SEO marketing strategy. It is a great SERP feature that’s been in talks lately.

One of the best features of the people also ask box is that it appears at any point of the SERPs, unlike the other result boxes that usually appear on top or second position of the Search engine results page. Also, it’s a never-ending results generator, the more you click the searches the more options you will get. It seems as the PAA box have seemingly infinite questions. People ask answers format also vary for every result. It might not always show you text but can show your content in lists, paragraphs, or tables even videos show up most of the time. ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘who’ are the most common starting words that can trigger PAA researches.

But more than the google SERPs it is very important to know if the keyword you have chosen to target actually has the potential if optimized for People also ask. You can make the most of your ranking tools by analyzing the keyword capacity and frequency of the PAA researchers for your target sentences. Key marketing has shared below the importance of the PAA box along with making the most of PAA as a research tool for your SEO strategy or developing high-quality content.

Importance of ‘People also ask’ section

Google has seen a great increase in searches since 2015 when the first ‘PAA section was introduced. And most of these changes have been seen in recent years. Now, this little text snippet feature has become a valuable chance for online businesses for increasing their search visibility. It has been increased by 200% since 2018 this only informs us that why businesses should take it seriously. Each ‘PAA box consists of at least four related searches which are usually known as PAA queries which expand revealing the answers which google pulls out from other websites.

Making the Most of ‘People also ask’ results for Marketing

Key marketing understands that marketers have no power over Google’s SERP elements, but our intention should be to focus on boosting the business’s organic visibility. Various ways are there in which digital marketers can utilize ‘PAA’ effectively let’s discuss below: 

Target Query intent optimization: The coolest thing about the ‘People also ask’ snippet is that once you click one query it will take you in a new direction by creating more follow-up suggestions. Every time you click, it adds more questions each time. 

Searching Patterns: This includes understanding your audiences and their search topics in a better way. If one searches in Google for the target question you will start seeing the related searches. 

On-Page FAQs: The FAQ section can be highly useful for your struggling users by diversifying your rankings and helping in building stable traffic. You can achieve this by collecting all the appropriate ‘PAA’ results, organizing them, and answering them on the specified frequently asked questions page.

Understanding competitors’ struggles: Your competitors that have a strong brand give an insight into what kind of searches your audiences are looking for.


With the ongoing changes now and then in the search algorithms, Google has seen changes in the SERPs, addition, and subtraction of some key search elements, digital marketing trends navigations, and a lot more. Although these changes are there nothing has completely changed yet. ‘PAA’ ranking can help you boost organic traffic if used wisely. Make sure that you don’t optimize for queries that are available only for a short period and are low-volume keywords. This doesn’t give a guarantee that it will work for everyone. So, the final take away from us to the digital marketers is that showing up as a featured text in PAA results will definitely increase the visibility of the page. You can provide a better UI experience creating content with such an approach in your mind.