The Dental industry is among the cut-throat businesses available in India. As the number of dental clinics has mushroomed like never before, competition has become quite intense. But, still you can grow your dental business beautifully with the help of the local SEO for dentists. If you think SEO service for your dental works is complicated or worthless, my goal with this post "SEO for dentists" is to change that opinion. So, as we always do, let's start with the basics to make sure that no doubt is left in your mind.

SEO For Dentists

Keeping in mind the rising cases of tooth decay, cavities, bleeding gums, and a broad range of ailments related to oral health, the idea of setting up a dental clinic can do wonders. If you are a certified dentist and have enough industrial experience, you definitely can set up your own dental clinic. But, all of your experience, investment, and manpower will not help you get the leads and queries from customers. If you don't appear online or in Google Searches then how you can expect to get leads. That's where the local SEO for dentists comes into the picture. The concept of local SEO for dentists is more than just listing your business in Google business or creating a business profile on social media. Get more information in the following section.

Why do dentists need local SEO? 

Like any other profession or business, dental services are not outside of the impact of the internet. What has surprised the experts is the rising number of both - victims of bad oral health and smartphone users. The success of any dental clinic lies in understanding the relationship between dental services and the internet. And this relationship could be described as dental SEO services. 

A recent study has put some horrible figures on the table. In India, more than 85% of adults have developed cavities in their teeth. And the children with 80% are not too far behind the adults in the race of poor dental health in India. The figures paint a horrible picture of the oral health of Indians. Only the good news is that, in recent years, the dental industry has seen a dramatic rise. 

According to the survey, the dental industry has carried out the business of 1.50 billion USD by mid-2021. But, does this rising trend mean a boom in the dental services of India? The answer is yes. Especially, those dentists who have an online presence can expand the size of their dental services and entertain the huge number of dental patients. As we are talking about the digital presence, let's not forget the importance of local SEO for dentists. 

Local SEO simply means the act of promotion and marketing of any business at any particular place to make it appear on the search engine results whenever someone types in the related keyword and searches for similar services in any targeted nearby location. The aim of the local SEO services for dentists is to make a dental clinic appear in the top results of Google. In other words, we can say, local SEO services help the dental clinic to be seen more on the basis of geographical searches. 

The more a dental clinic appears in the Google search the more it will generate leads and so as the revenues. 

Why do dentists need a website for local SEO? 

What is the importance of a website for a dentist? It might be your next question. Well, there are so many benefits of having a website for a dentist. Like many other businesses, dental work is also not free from intense competition.

You just travel one kilometer and several dental clinics will show up. But, today customers have become quite smart. They want to avail of good services at reasonable rates. So, they prefer to do their own little research on Google to find and select the best dental services providers. Whenever they look for the best dental services providers in their area, they look for some important factors. Among so many factors to select a dentist clinic, one is the website. 

Yes, whether or not your dental clinic has a website can decide the faith of your business. If your dental business doesn't have a website then the chances are pretty low that you can appear on the first position of the Google Search Engine. Be informed that Google considers a lot of factors before putting any business in the top position. Among so many factors one is - website. 

To perform the local SEO, it is important to have a website. Why? Because the local SEO strategies involve creating and setting up a business account in the Google My Business site. In addition to that, a website makes it possible to adopt and apply other SEO strategies such as content marketing, social media optimization, and PPC. Below are the benefits of having a website for a dentist. 

  • Your dental website will make your clinic easily findable on Google Search Engine. 
  • The presence of your website will enhance the trust factor of your dental works.
  • Websites will increase online leads. 
  • With a website, you can beat the competition.
  • The conversion rate of your dental business will increase. 
  • You will get measurable results. 
  • The website enables the service providers to take their business to the social media platforms and create a digital community. 

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