An Introduction to Social Media Trends

According to the saying ‘, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’, this is exactly the case with social media trends. These trends are changing on daily basis and are very much needed for the business. Just like SEO, SMO, Google AdWords, website development, and PPC, social media marketing is also the heart of online marketing. No doubt that social media has given many businesses the opportunity to connect with potential consumers in a way that wasn’t common previously, also in the coming years the revolution from this channel will be allowing various organizations to engage with their alike communities.

In the rising era of Digitalization, if you are not using the social media channel in your content marketing strategy then you are missing a lot of things. But if you are a digital marketer who has already practiced social media in your online marketing strategy you have an idea of how powerful social media platform your lead generation strategy is. 

Another important thing you might be aware of is how often social media trends change. 

Whether it is using the new services that are based on user preferences, or the overall change in the market, you tend to see social media trends changing accordingly. Due to this, it is super necessary to stay up to date with the changes in social media trends. This will ensure that you are always ready to take up new changes and are prepared to adjust to them as well. Key marketing has narrowed down the six most important social media trends that can change your entire digital marketing strategy.

  1. Using social media as a shopping platform: Research says that a large number of shoppers have turned to social media influencers to get more information for various products. Influencer marketing thus can be considered a crucial part of most online marketing strategies. It is found that about two-thirds of the shoppers prefer social media for buying, as it eases their product research. Pandemic has made shopping more virtual due to which social media gained huge popularity. People of young ages are more glued to buy through social media.
  2. Increase in Short-length Video content: Pandemic has risen the consumption of online videos among all the people. The online video user base of India has doubled in the span of only two years that is 2018 to 2020. According to this, we can easily sum up that short video content will rule in the future. This all suggests that over 350 billion people only from India will be consuming short-length video content. This can be considered a great social media trend that has changed from being long videos to short and marketers should now focus on making short yet quality video content.
  3. Increase in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market: This option is still in its early stages but in the coming years it will gain its popularity. It is expected that augmented and virtual reality will become highly in use as there will increase in cellular networks in the coming years. Ecommerce sites are adapting the augmented reality-powered buying that allows the buyers to use the products before making that purchase.
  4. Twitter providing reliable Information: This social media trend change will benefit all users at Twitter is considered to provide information about more serious issues unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Previously the authenticity of news that Twitter used to provide wasn’t a hundred percent, but it is expected that more checking will be done in order to provide only relevant information on this platform. And it is also expected that Twitter will be the mainstream platform for news information.
  5. Instagram likes are no more a consideration: it is expected that 2022 will be the last year where Instagram likes will be given importance. Although we haven’t seen the official update on this yet the various surveys online are proof enough to tell you that this fact might be true. Thus, marketers should focus more on engagements rather than increasing likes.
  6. Rise in Paid ads: Research has proved that a digital marketer not matter is interested in paid advertising or not has to consider paid ads in the coming years. As marketers have seen a decline in the percentage of organic search yes there is a huge need to increase response through paid ads.

Let us sum up

Social media trends have always changed will going to change in the future also. And if you are an online business you have to make sure that you are keeping your business ahead of these changes by implementing them into your online marketing strategy.