A brief to google search console API Tool

Google search control has recently welcomed URL inspection tool API. Marketers can now make the most by URL inspection tool API as it will enhance the SEO job. Google Webmaster Tool now called Google Search Console is a platform offered by Google, helping in monitoring a particular website's search performances via tools. these tools optimized the page indexing and various traffic generating methods like the number of clicks, page impressions, CTR, and Google ranking. API on the other hand is the Application Programming Interface used for communicating between various software and their components. One can get access to website data without even using the user interface. You must be wondering What is Google Search Console API now? The Google Search Console API is a platform that lets you extract, store and use all of the data you desire which otherwise had a limitation in which only three months of data was accessible to the user.

What is the URL Inspection Tool?

In a simple definition, it is a great help to your SEO tricks. URL inspection tools will help you in diagnosing any search engine optimization errors that you might be facing on your website. It offers insights into what data google has regarding your URLs. Telling you about the accessibility of your URL along with their indexability allows you to test your URLs live too. 

How does the URL Inspection Tool API work?

As we are digging into the URL Inspection tool, let’s understand what are the various features this tool will work upon and how it can also improve the Search engine optimization game. It has the below crucial features that make it different from other webmaster tools:

  • Overview of Coverage Report
  • Google Presence
  • Enhancements
  • Test a Live URL
  • Request Google to Index a URL

Understanding above mentioned features one by one.

  • Overview of Coverage Report: This feature allows having Index Coverage reports which in turn gives you insights into what’s happening in your website. It’s a great feature as it allows you to recognize the various issues you have on your pages and lets you understand the different problems with your domains. this feature lets in Understand the various coverage issues like Warnings and Errors that happen. Now if you want to access the data you can only have the reports having three months of data. Now using the Google Search Console API tool, you can dive deeper into the data reports.
  • Google Presence: Your URL is present on Google and is completely fine if you find this statement "It can appear in Google Search results with all relevant enhancements.”. But this doesn’t guarantee Google ranking. This only amplifies that your URL has just been crawled and got indexed and has no issues in it and seems eligible to rank. Your URL can be present on Google but can have errors too. You will see this statement in this condition "It can appear in Google Search results with all relevant enhancements. However, some issues prevent it from being eligible for all enhancements." This implies that google found various errors while your URL was crawling and trying to index.
  • Enhancements: Under enhancements, Google will report you if there’s an issue due to the mobile usage or the process of your schema implementation eventually telling you to do improvements. “Only indexed URLs can have enhancements” this statement is seen if the URL isn’t indexed yet. If you see a message saying the page is user-friendly then you don’t have to worry but Google will guide you to make improvements if your texts are too small to read and the Clickable elements are too close together. Also, if Google isn’t supporting your URL you will get a statement saying "URL has no enhancements." If Google supports your Schema implementation they will ask you to improve the needed sections.
  • Testing a Live URL: Once you are done with your URL error fixes, you must be thinking of testing it to check if they are right. The URL Inspection Tool will help you in telling you what details Google has for regarding your URL. here you will be using the TEST LIVE feature. This will allow you to run live testing on your URL. You can now see what’s Googles take on your changed URL state. But some points that the live test doesn’t count in is it won’t consider manual actions and the removal requests, it won’t check URL presence under the sitemaps or in referring pages. It also shows various statuses for Google presence and Overview of Coverage Report.
  • Request Google to Index a URL: In your URL Inspection tool, by hovering over to the right side of the view crawled page you can see the REQUEST INDEXING option. This option helps you in indexing your URL faster than other tactics. This also doesn’t guarantee any ranking for your URL just ensuring that your URL will be visible in SERPs.

Final Takeaways

Google Search Console's new URL Inspection Tool API will provide new tactics that will help you in tracking your SEO performance, analyzing the issues and areas of improvement. Although we have mentioned everything in this new update you can visit Key Marketing and take help from the experts to know more.

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