The rise of YouTube & TikTok indicates that more and more people are preferring videos over long and time-consuming content. Due to which YouTube has become the number one search engine at the global level followed by Google. The reason for such unprecedented development is no more a secret. Videos are most likely to be engaging and memorable. And when it is paired with beautiful images, background music, and quality content, it can do wonders from the point of SEO. The list of benefits of video marketing for SEO is very long. 

Now some of you might be wondering why choose video marketing for SEO. 

Good question! As there are so many ways to boost traffic and generate leads so it is quite normal to be struck by such a question. Note that, at this point in time, almost all biggest brands are doing video marketing and enjoying a broad range of benefits. Recently held surveys also have suggested that video marketing is more effective than traditional ways of SEO. 

If you are a beginner, you might like to understand everything about video marketing for SEO from scratch. Why not? Elders have to say that half knowledge can be devastating. 

So, let's start from basics: 

What is video marketing? 

As the name suggests, you can think of video marketing as a digital way to promote any product or service. The best examples of video marketing are those short ads that appear on television at regular intervals.

Generally, every day whenever we turn on the TV, we most often get to see a broad range of advertisements related to domestic stuff, electronic items, and life care products. Those ads have one common aim and that is to spread awareness and boost sales. Video marketing can be of many types. It might be educational, entertaining, live events, informative, and so on and so forth.   

What is video optimization? 

As you have learned what it does mean of video marketing is, now let's move on to the next most important part about video optimization. Take it on a serious note that just creating and publishing a video is not enough from the point of SEO. Basically, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It means, your marketing strategy must be in accordance with the search engine algorithm. In simple terms, you can think of the algorithm as something like the preset rules according to which a search engine works. Let's not get deep in algorithms and be focused on video marketing and optimization. 

Video optimization is all about creating and publishing a video in a way that it gets maximum views, and likes. In other words, we can say that video optimization is a process to enhance the viewer's experience and boost viewers' engagement. 

From the point of SEO, there are so many things to keep in mind for video optimization. Some of the major points are mentioned below:  

Tips for video optimizations

  •  Selecting the best video hosting platform is massively important from the point of optimization. There are so many platforms at this point in time but all are not on the same page. Among so many platforms, YouTube is the best. However, many social media platforms have also added the feature of creating short videos such as Instagram. So, according to your strategy take your time to select the best video hosting platform for your video. 
  • Video transcription is also very important from the point of SEO. As in this world, so many languages are spoken so it might be a good idea to add transcription in one language (different from the language used in the video)  if not two in your video. By doing so, you can entertain people from two different countries or communities. 
  • Make sure all the thumbnail images you are adding to your video are beautiful and eye-catching. More importantly, they must be in line with your video content. 
  • The use of a clear and concise title and description is a matter of great importance. Remember that there is a direct relationship between the title or description of your videos and the search engine algorithm. If your video's title and description will be relevant to your video content only then the algorithm will keep your video top in search results.   

What are the benefits of video marketing for SEO? 

From increasing sales to boosting your brand awareness, there are so many benefits of video marketing for SEO. Though any video can be helpful only if it is fully optimized. Here below are mentioned those benefits that can result from impeccable and perfect video marketing. 

  •  Increase dwell time: Dwell time is referred to the total spent time on your website or video. The more time viewers spend on a website or webpage, the more there will be chances of increasing your sales. And there nothing could be better than a well-optimized video to increase the dwell time. 
  • Improve user experience: A quality video can be appealing to both the mind and eyes. By embedding a video, you can target those viewers or users as well who are not great fans of reading. They surely would like to watch your video rather than read long content.   
  • Video marketing boost conversion rate: Let's not forget the aim of SEO which is to boost sales and generate revenue. And this target easily can be achieved by video marketing. In a recent study, it has been found that people believe more when they watch a video rather than reading content.
  • Videos can stimulate emotions: One has to put eyes, mind, and mental energy while watching a video. And if the video is well optimized then it can act as a motivator as well for viewers. With such an inspiring video, you can turn many viewers into buyers without any extra effort. 

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