Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program – An Intro

Just like SEO, SMO, email marketing, Affiliate marketing is one of the most result-driven business models that has made a lot of users richer day by day. Along with being highly profitable it too has its advantages and disadvantages. What is Affiliate marketing? In simple terms, it’s a platform where users sign up with an organization and sell their services and products efficiently. An affiliate gets paid every time a potential consumer purchases the desired services. This concludes that it’s a commission you get only when your lead is converted into a sale.

Amazon associates is the second term given to the amazon affiliate marketing program which is non-chargeable for site owners and blog writers who want to become associates. They work by advertising various services and products from the very popular on their sites via link creation. And whenever the consumer clicks your links and makes a purchase from the Amazon platform, they tend to earn referrals.

Exactly, how does the Amazon affiliate program work? It is a referral-based program that only pays commission to referral sites. So, if amazon receives a customer through a link sent by you, you receive the desired percentage of the purchase done. The commission varies based on various types of purchases.

 Two factors on which the commission is based are the sale that is done through you and your conversion rate. Now the conversion is the total percentage of consumers that have purchased all of your website visitors.

 How to begin with Amazon Affiliate Program: make sure you have checked all the below mentioned features to start an affiliate business.

-       Build a website or Blogging site: start by creating an active website or a blog or an app or even a YouTube channel if you want to become an Amazon associate. It will be more beneficial if you have existing audiences on your site because amazon will consider it then as an authentic website.

-       Sign up: A sign-up account is required if you want to become an amazon associate. That can be done by visiting the amazon associate homepage, clicking sign up and you will be taken to login to your Amazon account or to create a new account.

-       Account setup: This step will require you to enter your things like name, phone number, and address.

-       Website address: Enter your website’s address or if you have a YouTube channel its address or the address of your application.

-       Store ID: You will be asked here to enter the store ID that is your website name, website’s goal explanation, and finally selecting some interesting topics for you.

-       Website traffic strategy: Here you need to explain the ways you increase traffic to your website and explain various ways to use your website and the number of visitors your site gets.

-       Payment method: As the name suggests, fill up your credit card details for the payment purpose.

-       Amazon Affiliate links: Finally, after creating your account you will be redirected to your Amazon associate business homepage. You will find here an overview of your earning, your monthly summary, and the total number of clicks.

Amazon Associate Guidelines: Along with being a great practice to monetize and making alternative incomes from the various brand it comes with various rules and guidelines that are discussed below:

- You are required to disclose that you are eligible to earn from your referrals

- Avoid making any false claims in your referrals

- Don’t be exact with prices as they change frequently.

- It is not suggested to be using amazon affiliate links in other promotional things like eBooks or emails.

- Avoid using link shorteners. 

Making Money with Amazon Affiliate program: you have made an account with amazon and done all the above-said steps now what? Making an account is not the main step but generating leads and sales is. If you want to turn your passion into your alternative or maybe the only source of income you have to start making more sales. Concentrate on the below five things to maintain and increase sales

- Selecting a niche for your website.

- Mention reviews of products and services that will make it more authentic.

- Upload consistent Blog content.

- Creating a shop front for your website will be a booster.

- Make the most of social media platforms and put your ads on search engines as well.

Now the major worry that people get is how Amazon will pay them? When you are an Amazon associate you get the payment directly in your account. This is an automated process and you will be getting it certainly. But amazon associates are given the choice of choosing either in the form of an Amazon gift card or through a check that will be sent through the mail.

To sum up, all, if you are bored with your regular jobs or want to utilize your extra time making your passion a source of alternative income this can be it. Choose a perfect niche that suits you, write quality product-oriented content including various links, and increase sales.