Understanding Amazon Moments

When talking about Amazon we imagine how great of a platform it is providing anything that you can imagine online it’s one of the most in-demand eCommerce platforms online. Amazon is a very usable cross-platform marketing platform. Amazon Moments are the specific type of physical gift that effectively enhances the customer's engagement that was started back in 2019. It is beneficial in increasing customers' actions in your apps, games, and on your websites. It enhances the affiliated marketing and the cost-per-action movement of the products and services. It acts as a tool for the CTA activity by increasing the visitor’s engagement.

Amazon moments have shown huge profitable outcomes considering the global business evaluations. In simple terms, it works on the mechanism of cost-per-action. You are required to set a total expense limit for a particular campaign and only pay the cost per action for every action done by the user. Now you must be wondering who all can utilize this feature, well not all can benefit from this. Countries like Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Albania, and South Africa are not allowed to use it whereas all the amazon developers can make the most of it. If you are a customer, make sure you have a valid Amazon account to utilize and redeem your rewards. Key marketing has tried to explain every aspect of Amazon moments in this particular piece of article lets dive into its working.

How does Amazon Moments Works?

As Amazon is a cross-platform marketing channel and has a presence on a global level, businesses and brands can easily utilize it by sending prizes to almost over 100 countries around the globe. this gives us how changing can be Amazon moments in the marketing process. Without hustling in sourcing rewards or establishing fulfilments on your own you get this help with Amazon Moments. but you will be requiring a dedicated team that will be specified for integrating amazon moments API on your application or website. Once you have established this base you can start by using the self-service interface and set up your campaign in the following four ways.

  1. Selecting the ‘moment’: in the beginning, you will be required to choose the action or way in which you desire your audience should be winning the reward. it can be either watching a video on YouTube or subscribing to the sign-up in your application.
  2. Choosing Rewards: Amazon moments has options like a discount on products, discount on amazon credit and if we talk about the physical products, they are the free products. There’s no limit in choosing these products, make sure you chose the rewards based on the type of audience you have and what will make them happy. Providing good rewards can also increase the ROI.
  3. Fixing the Budget: As Amazon moment works on the mechanism of cost per action which means every time a user completes a specific function you get to pay then. your cost per action is equal to the total cost you have chosen. make sure you set your cost per action budget first and then you can fix your overall budget.
  4. Making your messages more personal: Customizing your display messages, landing pages and emails will bring consistency and a build good brand reputation. now at this point, the use of social media, application notifications, and emails can increase brand awareness. if you offer your customer a digital reward, they can view it on their amazon account and if it’s a physical one it will be delivered by amazon.

Amazon Moments.co: It is a platform where you can create rewards for your audience. Customization of rewards requires one step by filling up details of your company. And all of this can be done by visiting amazon moments.com and following the below mentioned basic steps:

-       Enter amazon username

-       Enter Company name

-       Select the language

-       By clicking Next, set up your company profile in amazon moments.

Benefits of using Amazon Moments: The above-said features are proof that if you are using amazon moments efficiently you tend to increase the aimed campaigns of your services or products. Following are the four ways in which Amazon moments can benefit you and your business:

-       By providing uncommon rewards: The most appealing feature of Amazon moments is that it provides various physical and digital rewards to the customers.

-       No other requirements are needed: your potential audience doesn’t need to add extra efforts to receive incentives all they need is to shop that only adds up to your loyalty campaign.

-       Transferring benefits to Rewards: Amazon has this amazing feature in which if you redeem any amazon moment reward you simultaneously claim the other amazon incentives. Therefore, you are shifting your rewards into more perks that can be redeemed.

-       Similarity in the customer rewards with purchased products: With the help of the saved data amazon provides specified gifts to their audiences that match their purchases. Due to this, they feel happy in receiving things that match their personality level.

Final Thoughts: Amazon moments have changed and made it easier to reward audiences and maintain their loyalty program which used to be a bit difficult using the traditional ways. This was a piece of basic information on Amazon moments get in touch with key marketing for more information on Amazon moments.