There are millions of active channels on YouTube which publish billions of videos every year. But, all channels are not on the same page. Many channels get a large number of views in just the first one hour after uploading a video while many other channels are left with just getting a handful of views in the same time frame. Do you know why? Because top rankers take care of YouTube SEO. 

 How to rank videos on YouTube? This is the only question a large number of our regular readers asked us last week. The logic behind YouTube ranking is no more a secret. It's all about YouTube SEO. Be informed that YouTube SEO is quite different from Google SEO or SMO.

 So, your first question must be- What is YouTube SEO?

 To help you understand how you can rank your videos on YouTube, we are ready with our helping post: How to rank videos on YouTube 2021. If you wish you can contact us and find out how we can help you to become a successful YouTuber. 

What does YouTube SEO mean?

 As the name suggests, YouTube SEO is a systematic way of creating and publishing videos to rank higher. It applies to videos, playlists, channels, and campaigns as well. It is worth noting that there is a direct correlation between SEO and search query. How better you maintain the SEO in your Video on YouTube determines the rank of your videos.

 By following best SEO practices on YouTube, you can secure the top place in YouTube search results and prompt YouTube to show your video in its suggestion list. It means you can have the best of both worlds with the help of SEO.

Working principle of YouTube algorithms

Before we dive deep into how you can make your videos appear top in YouTube, you must understand how the algorithm of YouTube works. The level of your understanding about it can seal the destiny of your channel ranking on YouTube.

The title, description, content & quality of your YouTube video are some major contributing factors. All these parameters must be in accordance with the viewer's query. Any small incompatibility in these parameters might push down the ranking of your videos.

Like Google SEO, Keywords play an important role in YouTube optimization as well. More specifically, from the point of on-page and "in-videos", the use and placement of keywords must be perfect. Remember this one-point lesson: YouTube wants more and more engagement. So, make sure that your video has everything that can stimulate engagement.

How to make your videos appear first on YouTube?

Here comes the most exciting section of this post as we are going to reveal the best tips and tricks to rank your video on YouTube. All the steps mentioned below revolve around the relevancy of your video and search queries of viewers.

Thoughtful keyword research

You can think of the keyword as the soul of your video. The better you do the Keyword research, the better your video will perform. However, YouTube

Ubbersuggest, Keyword Planner, and Smallseotools are some of the best free tools for carrying out Keyword research. In addition to the free tools, you do not have your own keyword research tool but worry not. Gladly, there are many free tools available for doing keyword research. can use YouTube and Google suggestions to find relevant and long-tail keywords. In the list of paid tools, Ahrefs and SEMrush, and Moz Pro are best.

Video title, Description, and tags

Remember what I have told you earlier. Video title, description, and tags can seal the fate of your video on YouTube. Using keywords in the video title, description, and tag is one among many best practices to follow to rank your video on YouTube higher. Moreover, keep the title concise but catchy within the maximum permissible limit (60 characters).

For better results, you can use both short and long tails keywords at some regular intervals. The use of synonym keywords will also help your video to rank on top in YouTube search results along with primary and secondary keywords. Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you enter up to 4-5 matching keywords in the tag sections.

Transcription and YouTube card

Most of you will agree that reading has its own fun and benefits. The same is true with YouTube videos. As you know that YouTube is accessible at the global level and in the world there are many languages. So, the idea here is to add a transcription to convey your message loud and clear to those people who don't understand your language. At least, you can give transcription in one language in any other different language. For example, if you are using the Hindi language in the video then you can give transcription in the English language.

Also, you can use a YouTube card. These cards are highly customizable in use. You can use these square-shaped cards for images, outside links, and playlists as well. You can decide when cards appear and don't appear. There are many YouTube cards such as playlist cards, channel cards, donation cards, poll cards, and link cards.

Optimization of the end screen

The end screen of a video is pretty important to prompt users to watch your other videos. So, adding a suggested video is the best thing that you can do to switch viewers from one video to another. Making an appeal from viewers to subscribe to your channel can do wonders to help your channel grow beautifully on YouTube.

Comment, share, and like

Just before closing the video, you can appeal to users to comment, share, and like your video. There is no harm in making such an appeal if you think your video is going to help the viewers. You can ask the viewers to ask questions, share experiences, ideas, and reviews in reference to your video.

Promote your videos on social media

Don't keep your video limited to your subscribers and followers on YouTube. Don't forget that social media platforms are also being used to find and search for information. So, it can be a good idea to share the link of your video on some of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Help from professionals

If you have tried everything but are not able to get in top position in YouTube search results, worry not. The best SEO company is available for satisfaction. Key Marketing has expertise in ranking videos on YouTube. We are experienced and expert in all kinds of digital promotion and SEO techniques.  

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