Established in 2003, Linkedin is one of many popular social media platforms. From the point of business and marketing, LinkedIn can do wonders. With more than 670 million registered professionals, LinkedIn has a lot to offer marketers. As LinkedIn is a new home of a large number of professionals and B2B companies, with the right strategy, you can boost your business here. To help you understand all about secrets to revolutionize your small or big businesses, we are going to reveal the best LinkedIn marketing tips.     

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No matter what kind of business you run whether you are a digital service provider or sell products, LinkedIn is best for everyone. Why? So, let's begin with understanding why LinkedIn is best for online marketing. 

Why choose LinkedIn marketing? 

Why should we choose LinkedIn for marketing? You might have this question in your mind. Frankly speaking, this is quite a relevant question as there are so many popular platforms available at the global level. For example, we have Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest. All these platforms are immensely popular across the world. But, note that LinkedIn is quite different in several ways. Below are some major key points of LinkedIn: 

  •  LinkedIn has successfully helped more than 50% of marketers with customer acquisition. 
  • Experts have found LinkedIn is far better than Facebook in lead generation. Reportedly, LinkedIn generates 277% more leads than any other social media platform. 
  • In the arena of B2B sales, LinkedIn has the potential to generate 80% leads. 
  • LinkedIn is generating up to 50% traffic to the B2B sites. 
  • As being a choice of professionals from different sectors, LinkedIn is most frequently visited by a large number of sellers and buyers. 

So, that was all about the bright side of LinkedIn marketing. All the above-mentioned points can lead your business to all-around development if you adopt and practice the right strategy for marketing on LinkedIn. 

What are the best LinkedIn Marketing Tips?  

How to market on LinkedIn is the only question a lot of our readers asked us last month. Note that there is no such size that fits all. Similarly, the marketing strategy you adopted for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram will not have the same influence on LinkedIn. You have to involve the below-mentioned best tips and tricks for your LinkedIn marketing. 

Groom your LinkedIn profile

Sometimes, the most simple thing seems to appear less effective. The same is true with my LinkedIn profile. Actually, creating and setting up an account on LinkedIn is quite simple. All you need is just to share some details and follow instructions and you get a brand new LinkedIn account but that is not enough. You need to optimize your LinkedIn profile. 

You can think of the LinkedIn profile as the face of your business. It must be comprehensible, impressive, and eye-catching. Your profession, skills, and expertise must be visible at first glance. Whether you are using your own image or the logo of your business, in any case, the image must be clear and of high resolution.

Quality content and valuable post

The task of marketing on LinkedIn starts from sharing valuable information in the form of content and posts. If the reports are to be believed, the chances increase by 88% of lead generation upon sharing the valuable content or post at some regular intervals. The more valuable content you share, the more there will be chances to get noticed by all other LinkedIn users. Sharing quality content stands in the second position in the list of best LinkedIn marketing strategies.   

Employee Involvement 

Your employee can add wings to your presence on LinkedIn. How? Here is one trick. All you need is just prompt your employees to mention the name of your company. Their own activity on LinkedIn will help your brand to spread around every corner. Plus, encourage them to follow your LinkedIn company page and share the information about your company on LinkedIn. 

Subscribe to LinkedIn Premium Account

There is a broad range of benefits that come with a LinkedIn premium account. One among so many is the ability to send out personalized emails. We live in a competitive world due to which it becomes difficult to be identified on social media. So, here is the best solution to set your presence apart from others and that is the LinkedIn InMail service. The idea here is to subscribe to this service and send your personalized email to other users who you think can be potential customers of your business. 

Use of Ads 

Nowadays, marketing is all about advertisement. And LinkedIn has noticed the importance of this fact. That's why LinkedIn has put in place the best marketing tool or you can say feature name is Matched Audiences feature. With the help of this feature, you can create and run the most relevant ads and target the audience you desire. 

There are a few more best ways for LinkedIn marketing, to learn everything about marketing on LinkedIn, you can get in touch with us. 

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