The smart use of the internet can do wonders for small businesses. With the right strategy, timing, and constant efforts you can streamline your online branding and generate leads. Online branding involves doing SEO, creating business profile pages on social media, email marketing, PPC, and more.

How It Works

Since the internet based services and smartphones have revolutionized, the traditional ways of marketing are taking their last breath. Old methods of branding such as billboards, posters, and phone calls are on decline. This is the era of online branding. If you have been successful to shine the image of your business on a positive note, all round successes of your business is for sure. And nothing could be simpler than online branding if you want to get the huge database of happy customers. Be informed that the concept of online branding is vast. It involves everything from simple SEO to complex website creation . Every aspect and application of digital marketing falls into the periphery of online branding. So, the idea here is to contact the renown and reputable online branding company like Key Marketing and see your business touching the new heights. The biggest benefit of having a perfect online branding is the fact that the task of lead generation gets simplified to the drastic level. And if the quantity of leads fall short, worry not. The sources available for online branding further could be used to more generate leads with some hard work. As long as Key Marketing is available in your services, you don’t need to worry at all. We have helped a large number of businesses to grow beautifully. No matter who your competitors are in the market, if Key Marketing is on your side, you will be the winner.


To help you understand the process of online branding, here are the stepwise strategies we follow to boost your online branding and lead generation.

Personal Websites

Social Media Content

key Marketing will provide a host of relevant social content for salespeople to easily post to any of their social media pages including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all with just a click of a button.

Social Media


  • Light blue chevronBrainstorming on the present status of your business.
  • Light blue chevronIdentify your target clients, customers, competitors.
  • Light blue chevronAnalysis and study of the trend of your product and service.
  • Light blue chevronSelection of resources for your online branding.
  • Light blue chevronSet up your website or customization if required.
  • Light blue chevronDevelopment of logo, tagline, and creation of business pages on all social media platforms.
  • Light blue chevronSet up and implement your exclusive marketing tools.
  • Light blue chevronContinuous tracking, follow up, analysis, and judgment of the performance.
Dedicated Launch Team