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Driven by passion and lead by examples, we are the best digital marketing company with head office in New Delhi. This webpage is dedicated to explaining how we store the information and what we do with personal information. We recommend everyone once thoroughly check out this privacy page and carefully understand every section and part of our privacy policy for a hassle-free experience. With Key Marketing as your digital partner, you can be sure of the 100% protection of your personal information and data. As you continue to read this web page, you will also get an overview of what we do with the stored information of the users.

Web Browser Cookies

Cookies files are known as small-sized hidden files that could be placed on a visitor's computer. These files help the service provider to understand the preferences of their visitors. The information received from Cookies about the visitors helps the service provider to make better the services. With the same purpose of streamlining the services and adding value-added information, Key Marketing also uses cookies files. We might or might not place cookies on visitors' search engine browsers for record-keeping purposes. Our aim of tracking the information is crystal clear. We use cookies just to make our services better and relevant in accordance with the rising and constantly changing demand and expectations of our visitors. If users wish they can set their web browser settings in such a way that it can refuse cookies. Users can also delete the cookies whenever they want.

What information we collect:

Key Marketing reserves the right of collecting the below-mentioned information as this information helps us to get a much better understanding of the way our consumers behave online. This information also helps us to understand the demographics of our visitors and users.

  • Your name is provided by yourself while interacting with our site or buying our services.
  • Your phone number, email id, billing address, and many other details are provided by you while dealing with us directly or indirectly.
  • User demographical information like socioeconomic information including employment, education, business, designation, income, and more.
  • Information about social media accounts and business profiles such as user id, profile name, your business followers, and details about your digital community if you have created any.

How Key Marketing Use Collected Information

Key Marketing understands the value of privacy. We believe that right to maintain the confidentiality of privacy is essential and important to protect human dignity. Hence, Key Marketing is determined and committed to store and use the collected information for better business purposes. We utilize the information just to improve our website, available content, and customer services. We never hesitate from making the changes to our site if the stored data suggests the requirement of modification in the site in accordance with the visitors' demand. Our next holy purpose of using the stored data about visitors is to personalize the user experience. At Key Marketing we always keep striving to make our services & products more specific, accurate and pointed in accordance with the requirements of our customers, readers, followers, and visitors. Moreover, the stored information also helps us to understand the available loopholes in our site. After the careful analysis of the information, if we find that our users are not getting the specific information that they want then we come up with the solution and update our site at the earliest. That's how we use the stored information about our visitors to make ourselves better and efficient. We also store the comments, feedback, and reviews provided by the users in connection with our products and services. At Key Marketing we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is a key to success. So, to enhance customer satisfaction, we analyze the customer experience and learn from the negative reviews and complaints. Thus, how we use the collected and stored information of our valuable customers, readers, visitors, and followers. .

Security And Confidentiality :

Data privacy is at the core of the Key Marketing ideology and business ethics. That's why we strictly take of the stored information and data. To ensure the 100% security of the collected information we never share the personal and professional information of the users and visitors. To keep away unauthorized access from our database, we follow flawless security measures and set the high parameters of data protection. We protect the information through all means manually, physically, digitally, and administratively.

External Website Links:

All those links which lead to the third-party website are known as external hyperlinks as they point to external sources. The use of external website links is considered very important from the point of search engine optimization of the website and content. As we also follow the tips and tricks to rank higher on the Google SERPs, you might find the external website links on our website. More specifically, you can find the external website links in our blog section. Be informed that Key Marketing has no control over the third-party website. So, we can't be held responsible for any mishappening if happens on any other external website or through the service provider. We recommend caution while interacting with third parties websites. It will be in your great interest to read and act according to the privacy and terms of services of the third-party company. All those external websites whose link you might find on our site don't follow the terms of services maintain and apply by the Key Marketing.

Contact Us:

In connection with our services or products if you have doubts or queries, feel free to contact us. Even if you have any suggestion to make our services better, you always can reach us. At the below-mentioned address, you can contact us for the business-related query. Once .

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Agency may, in its sole discretion and without prior notice or liability, discontinue or alter any aspect of the Site, including, but not limited to, (a) restricting the time of availability, (b) restricting the availability and/or scope of the Site for certain platforms (i.e., computer types and operating systems), (c) restricting the amount of use permitted, and (d) restricting or terminating any User's right to use the Site.